On 1st June, Saturday morning, we were invited to attend a Seniors program at the Baxter Theatre, The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival celebrated their 21st this year!

The early morning was a little chilly but happily we boarded the 20-seater bus which drove us to Cape Town.  The city was covered in a blanket of thick mist, Table Mountain was hiding – but our spirits were not dampened.

Our exercise session started at the Baxter.  After descending ±60 stairs we made it to the entrance to the theatre.  The friendly “helping hands” amongst our group was much appreciated.

The first band on stage was the PRIDWIN PREPARATORY SCHOOL JAZZ BAND from Melrose, Johannesburg.  Young musicians, aged between 10-13, entertained us.  I called them our “raw diamonds”!  Their dedication, enthusiasm and skill were amazing.  I, personally, was greatly impressed by the two young violinists (seldom is a violin included in a jazz band) both showed so much confidence and talent to play together with 23 Brass instruments, piano, drums and percussion.  All young musicians will have a great future and we thoroughly enjoyed their performance.

The UNI-SOUND BAND took to the stage… The participants are music students from Groote Schuur High School, joined by musicians from Steenberg High School, Alexander Sinton High School and St. Joseph’s Marist College.  We were entertained to an assortment of musical pieces, with solo acts in between.  The young vocalist showed a lot of potential.  We could call them “polished diamonds” and hope they will grow from strength to strength!

STEENBERG HIGH SCHOOL WIND BAND performed next.  May I quote from the program:

“The program’s emphasis is on applying the discipline and joy of making music to develop confident and capable young people who can transend the limitations which circumstance may otherwise impose upon them.”  These musicians had achieved a high level of skill and their performance was of a superb standard.  We could feel how they loved their music and to perform, taking solo parts and joining the band.  This excellent and polished performance received a non – ending applause.

A great thank you should be extended to the teachers and conductors who dedicate their time and love to teach young people to perform at this high standard.


After this remarkable concert ended, we were returning home safely with a snack parcel in our hands and music in our ears.

Our grateful thanks and appreciation to the Rotary Club Durbanville for organizing transport and their personal attendance, Settlers High School for the lovingly prepared snack parcel and to our Annemie Huskisson who accompanied us and saw us safely home.

It was and unforgettable morning, we are looking forward to next year!

P.S. Often we hear from residents mentioning boredom or being lonely – why do so few make an effort to join outings, concerts or any other activity offered on our beautiful premises?

Enormous amount of time goes into preparing and organizing these events and residents are not participating!  Example:  Outing to Baxter – 20 spots were available and only 14 showed their interest, disappointing to say the least!

Please make an effort to join the different activities, you won’t regret it.

Source: Hannelore Wotroba