The 18th of October surely is a day to be remembered by all the frail care residents.

Fourteen residents (including the eldest resident of 106 years) went on the outing to Melkbos.

On this day we were blessed with perfect weather: sunshine, NO wind, blue skies and turquoise glittering water.

We went on a scenic drive all along Blouberg Beach Road:  passed “on the Rocks”

“Blouberg Café”, “Ons Huisie” and “Eden on the Bay” heading for Melkbos.

We found a perfect parking spot next to the Purple ice cream café, with a stunning view over the ocean.

A stranger came along and prayed for one of our residents, as he said God led him to do so-what a blessing!

All the residents, as well as staff members, thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream as well as the beautiful surroundings.

After the sea was imprinted in everyone’s mind, we slowly took the way Home.

The outing was enjoyed by one and all and I am convinced that all the residents had a lovely afternoon nap after the exposure to the fresh air.