The year 2018 has nearly come to its end, believe it or not – another 2 months and we will be celebrating Christmas! On Monday, the 9th October, we had our “Sports Day” at Klaradyn. Teams from Andante, Klaradyn and GASH competed against each other. We were represented by Ursula Brown, Mona Deveraux, Di Hennings and Hannelore Wotroba. Sadly we had to hand over our hard-won trophy to the winners of this year: Klaradyn – Team emerged as the successful winners of the trophy. Our heartiest congratulations on their achievement. Well done!

We enjoyed a wonderful morning together. Members of Klaradyn spoiled us with drinks, delicious food, it was an absolute pleasure to be in the company of all the players, to meet the “older” competitors (some over 90 years) and “younger” ones enjoying each other’s company. We laugh, talk and keep our brains active. A big thank you to the members of Klaradyn who arranged this successful morning.

Our social get together is still going strong we meet on Friday afternoon 14h00 – 15h30 at the Woodpecker. We gladly welcome new members; enjoy a cup of tea / coffee and a biscuit or two together. Please join us; we love to have you around!

A big THANK YOU to Annemie Huskisson, who is arranging games, dates and transport during the year. We know how time-consuming it can be! We are privileged to enjoy the snacks, drinks and transport laid out for us, in order to meet other teams and being an active social club. This is greatly appreciated. Three cheers to Annemie.