Entering Kirstenbosch, turning up near the arena where the Sunday concerts are held, I was reminded of Wordsworth “All at once I saw a crowd of….” no not daffodils but multi-coloured veld flowers, a massive burst of colours on both sides of the path. It was not the sunniest day but these flowers were wide open, beauty for the selfies taken by the Chinese visitors and the deeply impressed visitors from Starckwood. Your eye was automatically carried on to the picnic green where toddlers mix happily with young goslings. Large trees marked for the centenary provided the shade.

Near the end is the “smells” walk especially for blind people, with pelargonium, lemon balm, etc. waiting for you to crush their leaves and enjoy their unique smell. However Kirstenbosch never ends. We had enough time to visit the Art exhibition and feast our eyes on man created beauty.

Then the Mojo beckoned. Once seated, we were each brought the ceremonial basins and jugs of water to wash our hands. Thereafter came the good coffee or tea, delicious cake or fresh scones with jam and cream.

We managed a quick stop at the shop on the way back to the bus. There were plenty of ideas for special presents – unique duvet covers and cushions in patchwork, matching placemats, serviettes and runners as only a small example. No wonder it was a tired lot of people with plenty of treasured scenes stored in their memory for future reference – particularly the lady from Willow Lodge (Elizabeth Cloete) doing an incredible dance to the soft beat of the drums as we left Mojo.

Submitted by Pat Kriel