“Oh, what a beautiful morning –
Oh, what a beautiful day!”

We were looking forward to our visit to ANDANTE, who kindly invited us for the sportsday event. Our Rummikub team representing George & Annie Starck Homes were:

  • Mona Devereux,
  • Ursula Brown,
  • Di Hennings &
  • Hannelore Wotroba.

We were joined by the teams of Klaradyn and Andante.

After a warm welcome, we enjoyed a tasty breakfast and commenced with our games, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and time flew by! Afterwards we came together and the winners were announced. To our big surprise – we won the trophy! J Ursula was the individual winner of the day! Congratulations and Well done!

After a scrumptious lunch, consisting of a tasty chicken pie and slap chips, coffee with a choc –biscuit, we departed happily.

Our thanks and compliments to the competent members of Andante, who arranged this absolute well organized event. This wonderful morning was enjoyed by each and every one. May we use this opportunity inviting interested residents to join us during our social games afternoons. We meet every Friday at the Woodpecker at 14h00. This is enjoyed by all and we would like to welcome you in our midst.

A big THANK YOU to Annemie Huskisson, who is our supporting pillar, arranging these meetings and keeping us on our toes! We appreciate her efforts.

Submitted by: Mrs. H. Wotroba